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Don’t quite trust it yet? Understandable. Then watch the repeat of the broadcast of RTL news – Edition NL in early 2015 below::

“”Many of our computers are as leaky as a basket. As many as 39% of the Windows computers examined had outdated and not optimally secured software on the computer and 25% of the computers already had suspicious software installed.””


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You can also visit our partner site directly: if you prefer. The tool has been around for over 12 years and has been developed to prevent problems. We want to be as transparent as possible and offer you various ways to carry out the scan. Your computer will download a small file and when you run it you will immediately get a nice report from your Windows or MacOS computer. This can be useful to gain insight into the health of your system. Do you need extra help? Then click here. The scan is 100% safe. The report is only visible to you and us and no programs are installed on your computer.